Fishing Report St. Marys, Georgia April 2016


THE BULLS ARE RUNNING! That is Bull Redfish I mean. Every trip that wanted Bull Redfish got what they ask were asking for.  One trip was able to bring in over 60 fish in a 3 ½ hour long window. Trust me they were tired of catching fish when the trip was over. The trip pictured below was a special trip as you can see my wife and my father in law got in on the action. She shared with me that this was one of the best times she got to spend with her dad doing something they both love.

As far as the inshore action, it has been hit or miss and the flounder bite is starting to catch on. This time last year we had a lot of success running combo trips, inshore fishing for 3 hours and nearshore for 3 hours. This is a great way to get the best of south Georgia fishing so don’t miss out! Book your trip now…


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Ashley still fighting the Bull redfish Ashley with her catch Daddy Daughter photo What a Tail Nick Bruton with a nice Bull Red

Capt. Andy releases a Bull Red



Capt. Andy Gowen

Professional Inshore Guide

Serving St. Marys, Georgia and Ameila Island

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