Fishing Report St. Marys, Georgia 8/1/2014

Inshore Action Trout and Redfish firing off!

Majority of my time last week was spent inshore chasing for Trout and Redfish. Later in the week brought in a higher tide and we were able to get skinny and chase Tailing Redfish with Jerk baits and Top water plugs. I get asked all the time, “Why do people throw them???”  Let me tell you more about that..

The things I hear most of the time include,  ”my hooks always rust…or “the fish flat out miss the plug” and the best one,  ”have you seen the price of plugs?”  All true statements…but let me say, there are moments like last week when the fish don’t miss and they provide lots of excitement. I throw a lot of top water plugs and I mainly throw them in 4ft or less and are extremely effective to cover more ground. Another excellent reason to throw a top water plug is because they make a lot of racket in muddy/stained waters like we have here in St. Marys Georgia and surrounding areas. Most plugs are 3/8 to 1/2oz in weight and you can throw them a country mile. In my opinion top water fishing is the most addictive fishing you can do period. Matter of fact, next time you throw a plug watch the fellows in the boat with you i bet they spend more time watching your plug then you do. These fish were caught last week, smashing plugs. Check out bomber selections of top water plugs.


This fine Red smoked a top water plug

This fine Red smoked a top water plug

A little lip service.

A little lip service.




Always a good catch,


Capt. Andy Gowen

Professional Inshore Guide

Serving St. Marys, Georgia and Ameila Island





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