Fishing Report St. Marys, Georgia 7/15/14

How do you keep your bait alive? A lot of people are asking, so I decided to put my advice out there. I understand there are several different ways to do it and to each their own. Typically, when people say bait, the majority of them are referring to shrimp. So for me, I have a large live well and a 5 gallon insulated bucket that sits inside perfectly. When I buy bait, shrimp in this case, I request for them to fill my bucket up with the same water the shrimp spent the night in. Anytime the shrimp change water temperatures, it shocks them and any water temperature adjustment that is more than 4 degrees can easily kill them. Another thing I have done to ensure that shrimp have the best chance of survival is installing a 12 volt bubble unit directly to my battery and I left the hose long enough so it could reach the bucket with ease. In the pictures below, in the upper right corner you will see a round black circle. The hose from this unit is connected to the house battery on the boat.  Using a bubble unit aerates the bucket water keeping the optimum oxygen level for the shrimp.  Most my trips are 4 to 6 hours long and to avoid using a bunch of batteries, in the one attached to bucket (white hose), I prefer the mounted 12 volt unit in addition. This gives me peace of mind knowing that the batteries won’t give out.  Hopefully this will help keep your bait alive.

Bubble Unit DSCF2638 Live well work

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